Push ups

The traditional push-up when done correctly, is a great exercise for your entire upper body including your stomach / core area. 

 To make the push-up even more functional for beach volleyball, we will include balance and core rotation movements to the exercise.



  1. If you already do push-ups - please don't assume that you already do them correctly - (at least 60% of the people do not do push ups for beach volleyball correctly
  2. If you don't have the strength and balance to do a correct push up at this time - no worries - we will teach you how to develop the strength and balance at the end of this article. 

Like all exercises, it is critical to pay detailed attention to using correct body position and form.


Lay flat on your stomach; put your palms of your hands down on the sand, in line with your shoulders and about 30 cm / 12” away from each shoulder.


Balance your weight on your hands and your knees, lift your chin up so you are looking forward rather than down at the sand.


Push your upper body off the sand and DO NOT arch your back, keep your back straight.


Push your upper body up so that your arms are almost fully extended - but do not 'lock-out' your elbows / fully extend your arms


When you can do at least 5 push-ups off your knees while keeping a flat straight back with your chin up and looking forward -


Do the same push-up movement but this time balancing on your hands and toes.


When you can do at least 5 push-ups off your toes while keeping a flat straight back, with your chin up and looking forward -


To add more functional movement to the push-up:


As you are pushing your body off the sand, also bring your left foot up off the sand and move the left knee up toward your shoulder – at the same time, turn your head so you are looking over your left shoulder at your left knee at the top of the push-up.


As you lower your body, turn your head back to facing forward and move your left foot back next to your right foot.


The same balance, core rotation variable can be added if the push-up is being done off of the knees rather than the toes.


Do the same with your right foot and knee for the next push-up.


Breathe out through your mouth when pushing up, keep your face relaxed.

 A few times in my life due to injury or illness i didn't have the strength to do 1 push up - this is how to teach your body and mind to do push-ups.


as already discussed - start on your knees but instead of pushing up - start with your arms almost fully extended/your upper body off the sand and slowly let your upper body down




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