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Although I had a fair amount of volleyball experience, as of a couple of years ago I had a very difficult time getting anyone to play on the beach – Dan took apart my game and is still helping me with HOW to truly play beach volleyball.


The training is not just about the skills of passing, setting, hitting, etc - but for the mental and physical skills it takes for each situation - (which depend on your energy level, the different conditions, the other players tendencies, etc, etc!!)


I still remember the thing he told me when I met him the first time. “If you improve your skills, people will ask you to play.”


And it’s really happening!


Now, people I don’t know ask me to play, I just won my very first tournament, even won a bunch of $ and have a company that wants to sponsor me!!


Miki Nagano - USA



When I lived in Sweden we didn't have a beach volleyball club in the town I lived in, so I had no foundation to stand on when it came to technique or basically anything in beach volleyball. I had to rely on friends and some good players in the area.


But then I found U of Beach Volleyball and I learnt so much from you. I studied your clips on YouTube and shared them with my former partner, so we could develop our skills.


I am so thankful for what you are doing, because it helps so many young players that has no club to train with. My hope is to become a professional beach volleyball player, and if I become that, I will owe you alot.


I can also add that I love to coach beginners, so your videos has not only helped me become a better player, but also helped me become a better coach. Keep up the good work!

God bless you and your associates


Anton Lossev - Bolivia


"I just wanted to say thank you. The How to Hit videos were just amazing – breaking it down into little parts really helps - 

Keep doing your great work!"


Matt, Germany


Thank you so much for these awesome training-videos!!!



I've been playing beachvolleyball for about ten years, but it still helps me a lot to rethink the basics of what I'm actually doing out there thanks to your videos.



Why are you doing this? Why does a great guy like you give out free training hints? Is this an example of what the perfect world should be like? ;-)



Anyway, I really hope that you'll continue and I would still join you guys even if the site were full of advertising banners (...) or if you charged a fee.



Thanks, thanks, thanks!



Dominic Tschupp - Switzerland


I wanted to let you know that the FIVB eBook is quickly becoming my bible for beach volleyball.

I am an above  average amateur player and I tend to make the same mistakes over and over, most noticeable as I get tired through the match (shanking serve receives, fumbling approaches etc..). I have incorporated a few of your exercises into my training and have seen improvements in my game with in a few weeks. My passing is the biggest improvement so far. I have been installing some of your weight training and sand exercises into my routine slowly as well.

The book is great and really helps me focus on my fundamentals. I plan on following the book closely in the off season and expect to see a big improvement in my play next season.

Thank you for putting that book together.

Thomas Burns -




This information is great, right now I'm promoting beach volleyball in Ecuador, organizing men's and women's tournaments and this eBook information is really important for our objectives.


I'm also a player, and I have improved a lot, with your advice. As you know, not too many people offer the information, videos and the emails.


I appreciate what your doing by keeping the beach volleyball family updated!


Fernando Escobar Mora -  Ecuador



I recently found that the FIVB Ebooks have added a lot of specific information regarding all aspects of the beach game and points to focus on as an athlete and a coach. 


I really enjoy your website and the services you provide and wish I had the time to take advantage of all of your services. 


Scott Mousseau - Canada 


When I found your blog about beach volleyball 2 years ago, I was really surprised that not only the materials were comprehensive and deep but  you were able to explain about this in very smart and very simple manner.


It is already more than 2 years ago and I am still always happy to hear your advice, game analysis and thoughts about both the physical and mental parts of the game. 


It is very nice to see the last materials you have done for the FIVB.A lot of details and a lot of advice as usual. Great!


And I would like to thanks again from me personally and from our beach volleyball community in Ukraine.


I hope that one day, very soon, I will be able to come, to meet and train with you.





Vadim Serdyuk - Ukraine


I've watched about every video you have in youtube and the extra videos (e.g. about spiking). They've been very helpful and that new 10 video set was especially great.

Just wanted to thank you for you effort in helping people with the greatest sport of all times :D.

Keep on posting ;).

Jaakko - Finland


I just wanted to say big Thank you. Your website and videos are what I really wanted to see and learn for a long time.

I wish I had found you site years ago, before we had the kids and I had more time for playing and training.

Can’t wait to get on the sand to practice the tips and techniques I learned from the videos.

Keep doing the great work. Will pass on your website to all beach volleyball players I know in Wales and England.


Stefan Koruntchev - Great Britain



Dan, I can’t begin to tell you how your coaching has impacted me and my group!


Sadly, I’m in my 40s, so I have no chance of becoming good enough to play in tournaments (though we dabble occasionally), but your training videos have helped my coed group better nearly every aspect of our game – both those that are just starting out and those that have been playing for years.


I absolutely love the way you present each aspect of the game into simple-to-understand sub-components, that when focused on individually, better the overall game play.  


I’m so glad I found your site and am very grateful for the ebook – it’s invaluable (and you should be charging for it man!).



Neal Emminger USA


Thank you for sharing your e-book about becoming a better beach volleyball coach.


I am a beach volleyball player and coach who after living and playing in LA for about 20 years have recently returned to Athens, Greece, where I teach beach volleyball in  Marathon beach near Athens.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover your e-book on the internet which I found very to be a very useful and informative tool.


Thanks to your key explanations and clear videos I use various parts of your book to improve the skills of my students.


Dr. Thomas Papavassiliou - Greece


 "There are many people who know how to play beach volleyball - or at least think they can! -But not everyone has the ability to articulate that knowledge to another person.

Dan has an amazing ability to see the things that a person is doing or not doing - his ability to blend his knowledge into your game is unreal. Suddenly you are aware of the little nuances that you were never aware of before.

The feeling is surreal when you are doing all of the things the right way – Thanks for making the game much more fun!"


Johnny Beliso - USA



 "Just wanted to let you know things got better last night when I played. The drill has already helped me immensely.

Thanks again for your help. Look forward to the next video!"


Justin Raney - USA



Thanks! I don't respond much but I thought now would be a good time to let you know how much I appreciate your time and effort.

The videos, observations and instruction has gone some way in helping me elevate my game. My friends noticed during the summer and I turned them onto your site.

We have all been playing for many years but sometimes it is important to revisite concepts (this is why even vetern players show up to practice with coaches- its neccesary).

Adrian Herman - USA



"The lesson commentary is great, just what I am looking for.


However watching and digesting all the great info is taking several viewings to get it, but I am stoked.


This info is gold!"


Shannon Rurup - USA





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