Upper Body - Bench Exercises


When performing exercises that  require sitting or lying on a bench, make sure that at least one foot or both feet are off the sand while you’re doing the exercise.


This exercise can be done using an exercise machine, resistance bands, fixed straps or hand weights, we HIGHLY recommend using resistance bands, fixed straps or hand weights, NOT a traditional exercise machine.



Remember: with one foot off the ground you won’t be able to pull down as much weight but you will need more balance and coordination, and you will involve your core muscles.


Front Pull-Down

 Beach Volleyball Pull Down Exercise 1 Beach Volleyball Pull Down Exercise 2 

 Pull Down - Straight Back, 1 Foot


With both hands above your head, slightly in front of you and at shoulder width apart, pull your hands down to your chest while squeezing your shoulder blades together.


Change how wide your hands are apart from:

  1. close together, to
  2. shoulder width apart, to
  3. wide apart.

Also change your hand grip from palms facing toward you to palms facing away from you.


Breathe out through your mouth during the downward pull of the exercise; change which foot is off the ground.


Note: we do not recommend behind the head pull downs if you have had any significant shoulder injuries. 

  Front Pull-Down - Incline

 Beach Volleyball Pull Down Exercise 3  Beach Volleyball Pull Down Exercise 4

 Pull Down - Incline Back, No Feet

Do the same front pull down movement but while leaning back / inclining.

The more you incline the greater the angle you will be pulling the weight on toward your chest.

Continually change how far you lean back and the angle of your arms - also change from one foot off the sand to both feet off the sand.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull the weight toward your body.


Change how wide your hands are apart from: close together, to shoulder width apart, to wide apart.


Breathe out through your mouth during the downward pull of the exercise.




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